L&T Green Campus Chennai

Our Green Campus

27 acres. 40,000 sq. m of green cover!
Our Chennai Headquarters at Manapakkam is acknowledged as an 'Outstanding Corporate Green Campus. 'Spread over 1.44 lakh sq. m., the safe, smart and solar power-lit hub has 40,000 sq. m. of green cover featuring award-winning concrete structures replete with green features.


Rainwater harvesting in Government Schools

With water conservation, reuse, and preservation priorities on the global agenda, we are, in association with United Way of Chennai (UWC), creating awareness among children by supporting rainwater harvesting projects in four government schools of Chennai. The aim is to build water security through ground water recharge and improved water table levels that will provide water to 6,000+ students. The harvested water is being used in toilets and for hand washing.

Group of Government School students- L&T Construction
RO Plant- L&T Construction

Community RO launched at Ithambadu Village, Andhra Pradesh

As part of a new village development project at Ithambadu Village in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, in partnership with Hand in Hand India, we have constructed a RO water facility RO water facility to ensure safe drinking water to the 250+ households. With high levels of TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids), the villagers were struggling with extremely poor-quality water. The 500 LPH water facility will be ‘Community managed’ and save the villagers from having to travel far to fetch water. Going forward, the village initiative aims to enhance living conditions and the community's general well-being by improving basic school and sanitation infrastructure and introduce sustainable agriculture methods to increase the green cover.

RO Plant- L&T Construction

Project Green Hands' Nurtures Over 3 Million Saplings

L&T's ambitious tree planting initiative, 'Project Green Hands,' initially set out to plant 1.5 million saplings in a two-week timeframe but exceeded expectations by successfully nurturing over 3 million saplings across more than 500 project sites. This endeavor underscores our unwavering commitment to a greener future, ecological resilience, and sustainability. The campaign commenced on August 15, 2023, strategically harnessing the monsoon season to enhance the saplings' chances of survival. Additionally, this initiative aligns harmoniously with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, reinforcing L&T's resolute commitment to achieving Water and Carbon Neutrality by 2035 and 2040, respectively.

Project Green Hands' Nurtures Over 3 Million Saplings- L&T Construction