ESG messages from top management

S. N. Subrahmanyan CEO&Managing Director- L&T Construction

S. N. Subrahmanyan, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Environment conservation and community development are not the optional 'extra' that companies take up after taking care of business. We believe that they are intrinsic and inalienable to a company's operations. At L&T, environmental and social considerations have always been part of our strategic vision. Our core competencies and nationwide presence place us in a position capable of transforming disadvantaged communities into empowered havens of productivity and fulfilment. We implement several initiatives to minimise carbon footprint and our green portfolio enables clients to move on to the low-carbon path. Well-entrenched CSR programmes focus on areas that align with the global matrices of development - water and sanitation, health, education, and skill-building.

D. K. Sen Development projects Senior Executive VP - L&T Construciton

D. K. Sen, Whole Time Director & Senior Executive Vice President (Development Projects)

We implement a variety of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our projects and processes that include procurement of local materials with lesser carbon footprint, alternate sourcing, optimising transportation of material at each project, increasing consumption of alternate materials such as the use of fly ash GGBS partially in place of sand and cement, manufactured sand instead of river sand, including using by-products from our quarrying operation. We are a people-focused organisation and one of the highest spenders on employment and training of our workforce. We offer a wide range of training options across the employee spectrum and, at the same time, enhance employability of rural and semi-urban youth through our dedicated skilling institutes [Construction Skills Training Institute (CSTI)] as well as project-site based training centres to train local workmen. We offer one of the widest ranges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enabled courses through our digital learning platform Any Time Learning (ATL Next).

M. V. Satish Buildings Senior Executive VP - L&T Construciton

M. V. Satish, Whole Time Director & Senior Executive Vice President (Buildings)

At L&T, we believe that we are currently in the first phase of a green technology revolution, which will help address the need to reduce our carbon footprint. As a responsible corporate citizen, we have always contributed to technologies and initiatives that ensure environmental and social sustainability. We leverage new-age technologies such as precast and prefabricated construction to improve control and efficiency levels of project execution. We are exploring futuristic concepts such as Design for Manufacturing & Assembly and offsite manufacturing to reduce levels of pollution and optimally utilize resources all towards enhancing environmental sustainability both in structure but process of construction.

Mr. S V Desai Civil Infrastructure Senior Executive VP- L&T Construciton

Mr. S V Desai, Whole-time Director and Sr. Executive Vice President (Civil Infrastructure)

We stay committed to protecting the environment and contributing to society by undertaking actions in and around our work sites. During the year, we adopted sustainable construction practices that have optimised or reduced the use of fossil fuels by using more power grid supply to run our tunnel-boring machines, and by using the digital diesel dispensing platform and solar plants to power streetlights, weighbridges, toll plazas and project camps.
Even as corporates across the world adapt to manage this pandemic and its aftermath, the reality that dawns is that the future is most likely to change in more ways than we can envisage today. The undercurrents of social contracts, environment, sustainability, and digitalisation will get even more accentuated to help us guard against the many uncertainties in the form of Covid phases and other such black swan events in the future.

Mr. T. Madhava Utilities Senior Executive VP- L&T Construciton

Mr. T. Madhava Das, Whole-time Director and Sr. Executive Vice President (Utilities)

With over 5 GW of solar PV plants having either been built or being built by us, our range of green offerings is broad and expanding. Be it the floating solar plants or the ones with bifacial modules and tracker mechanisms, we leverage our superior technological prowess and integration abilities to bring in land, cost, and time savings to the developers. Our state-of-the art container integration facility gives us the ability to serve globally with intelligent, modularised battery energy storage systems. Our Power Transmission and Distribution projects have helped electricity to reach millions and have resulted in a more efficient network with the highest standards of reliability, reduced our carbon footprint, enhanced disaster resilience and improved grid stability. 'Sustainable Sites' is the mantra we follow at our project locations and manufacturing facilities. Our operations are aimed at reducing GHG emissions and recycling of waste.

Our Sustainability Targets