27 acres. 40,000 sq. m of green cover!

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Our Chennai Headquarters at Manapakkam is acknowledged as an 'Outstanding Corporate Green Campus.'Spread over 1.44 lakh sq. m., the safe, smart and solar power-lit hub has 40,000 sq. m. of green cover featuring award-winning concrete structures replete with green features.

Green Cover

The carbon sequestered in the campus is 17.34 tonnes per year which is a significant 262.12 tonnes till date. While the CO2 level is well below permissible levels ranging between 550-690 ppm, the various stack emissions are also in-line with EHS norms.

Solar power

A grid-connected solar PV system on roof tops produces 4,42,484 units of electricity per annum while our wind farm of 8.7 MW in the districts of Tirupur and Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu generates over 19000 MWH of electricity per annum providing 9,664,179 KWH of carbon credit to the campus.

82,367 KLD of water savings

2 sewage treatment plants of 400 KLD and 200 KLD capacities respectively save 82,125 KLD of water per annum while 10 RO plants and automated sprinkling systems irrigate the trees and plants. The harvesting system can accumulate 242.36 KLD of rainwater through 67 recharge points comprising of pits, wells and trenches.

AQI (Air Quality Index) is monitored in comparison with rest of Chennai and other cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi and the findings reveal that our employees breathe healthy within the campus.

Driving sustainability through digitization

Smartly connected, various functional parameters of the campus are monitored through the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC), a first of its kind, high impact innovation hub with a range of new-age solutions. Real-time data is generated through 36 system apps, 550+ IOT devices, 500+ CCTVs connected through a 15+ Km of fibre network with 3 cloud platforms backed up by Multi-Protocol Label Switching.


  • Smart Lighting
  • A Rainfall Monitoring System
  • An Emergency Call Box & General Announcement System
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Transport Systems
  • Intelligent Traffic Management System
  • Smart Wi-Fi
  • Smart Waste Management
  • 24/7 monitoring of various vital utilities & in-house consumption

Some of our green ‘milestones’

  • Energy Efficiency Excellence Award for achieving excellence in energy management at the 14th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management
  • CII's National Award for Excellence in Water Management
  • L&T awarded for prime contribution towards Green Building Construction (4.5 million sq.ft of registered green building footprint) during the GreenCo Summit 2013