Employees are our social ambassadors!

5000+ volunteers have clocked 20,000+ hours over the past five years

L&Teering, our robust employee volunteering programme, gives our employees the opportunity to transform the lives of the less privileged and marginalized by teaching children, supporting health camps, donating blood, planting trees, organizing fundraising activities and volunteering with select NGOs.

Blood Donation

L&T celebrates World Red Cross Day (May 8th) by recognizing the wonderful L&T-eers for their selfless act of giving the gift of life with a pint of their blood.

Free Education awareness for lower income communities- L&T Construction

Right to Education Campaign (RTE)

In association with BHUMI, we create awareness in the lower income communities about free education and support children to enroll in schools in their neighbourhoods. Using a helpline, L&T-eers reach out to the beneficiaries, sensitizing them, and patiently addressing all their queries to guide them through the school application process.

Free Education awareness for lower income communities- L&T Construction

Informative content for children from shelter homes

L&T-eers are involved in creating learning content in English and Mathematics for shelter home children using virtual recording, word and interactive ppt formats to make the content engaging and informative.

Positive Classroom Environment- L&T Construction
Telephone Education Conversation- L&T Construction

Tell a story in association with Team Everest

L&T-eers connect with Govt school children telephonically to narrate stories to help build their imaginative and creative skills.

Telephone Education Conversation- L&T Construction

Quiz Contest for STEM students in association with AIF

L&T-eers conducted a mega quiz competition on August 14, 2021. The questions on General Knowledge, Science and Picture Puzzles were shared with the children through Google Forms followed by an online quiz on Zoom. 500 students participated of which 40 students were finalised (2 from each school) and from whom 3 winners were picked.

Group of Primary school students in computer class- L&T Construction
Wall Art Painting in Corporation School- L&T Construction

Artwork & Wall Painting at Corporation Schools

L&T -eers reached out to three schools at Alandur zone, Chennai to facelift the premises with colourful art and paintings.

Wall Art Painting in Corporation School- L&T Construction

Joy of Giving - support to pain & palliative care

L&T -eers supported three NGOs offering palliative care in Chennai - the Chennai Pain & Palliative Care, the RMD Pain & Palliative Care Trust & the DEAN Foundation Hospice & Palliative Care Centre - to provide succour to the patients in the last leg of their lives.

Pain & Palliative Care- L&T Construction