Employees are our social ambassadors!

5000+ volunteers have clocked 20,000+ hours over the past five years

L&Teering, our robust employee volunteering programme, gives our employees the opportunity to transform the lives of the less privileged and marginalized by teaching children, supporting health camps, donating blood, planting trees, organizing fundraising activities and volunteering with select NGOs.

 L&T Eco-Champions- L&T Construction

Blood Donation

L&T-eers generously give the gift of life, donating a pint of their blood in a two-day drive with Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Hospital, Chennai.

L&T Eco-Champions- L&T Construction

Crafting Futures

Hundreds of L&T-eers participated in creating Teaching Learning Materials for Anganwadi children to enhance the educational experience, making it both engaging and informative.

Crafting Futures - L&T Construction
 L&T Eco-Champions- L&T Construction

L&T Eco-Champions!

78 L&T-eers crafted 8000 seed balls, a straightforward yet impactful initiative to nurture saplings and enhance green cover in rural areas.

L&T Eco-Champions- L&T Construction

Spreading joy at an old age home

L&T-eers visited Guru Vishram Vriddh Ashram and engaged the elderly residents in various fun activities, including board games, reading, drawing, and storytelling. The team listened to their life stories and learned from their wisdom.

Spreading joy at an old age home - L&T Construction
Wall Art Painting in Corporation School- L&T Construction

Artwork & Wall Painting at Corporation Schools

L&T-eers reached out to schools in the neighbourhood of our Manapakkam campus, Chennai to facelift the premises with colourful art and paintings.

Wall Art Painting in Corporation School- L&T Construction

Joy of Giving – support to transgenders

L&T-eers embraced the Joy of Giving, with 321 responding to support transgenders. In partnership with Prayas Trust, L&T Construction's CSR collected Rs. 4,50,000, evenly benefiting ‘Born2Win’ and ‘Sahodaran’, NGOs dedicated to uplifting the transgender community.

Support to transgenders - L&T Construction