Employees are our social ambassadors!

1000 + volunteers clocked over 4000 hours in 2020-21

L&Teering is our robust employee volunteering programme that gives our employees the opportunity to transform the lives of the less privileged and marginalized by teaching children, supporting health camps, donating blood, planting trees, organizing fundraising activities and volunteering with select NGOs.


Paint-A-Thon is an innovative volunteer programme designed to reach out to government & corporation schools to give them a much-needed facelift by painting educative and cheerful murals for the school children to learn through art and enjoy a vibrant study environment. Organized in partnership with select NGOs, Paint-A-thon has proved to be a great platform for L&T-eers to reach out to school children of various schools in Chennai.


At a time when people are distressed, L&T-eers played a crucial role to de-stress them by exploring, and adopting new methods to ‘virtually’ reach out to the needy and underprivileged, refusing to be beaten by the pandemic.

Right to Education Campaign (RTE) - In association with BHUMI, we created awareness in the lower income communities about free education and support children to enrol in schools in their neighbourhoods. Using a helpline, L&T-eers reached out to the beneficiaries, sensitizing them, and patiently addressing all their queries to guide them through the school application process.

  • Audio book recording for the visually challenged - L&T-eers are bringing the world of learning and literature alive to the visually challenged by ‘Reading, Recording & Posting’ stories. This is in association with United Way Chennai (UWC).

  • Be-a-mentor programme - L&T-eers have been guiding and supporting college students to keep studying and remain motivated through one-to-one phone call sessions of 45-60 mins a day covering Personality Development, Career Development, Lifestyle Management and Success Stories.

  • Virtual connect with college girl students - This is an overwhelmingly popular initiative as part of which lady L&T-eers connect with female students to help them cope with the changes and the world around, motivate them to adapt to the new normal and thereby lead better adjusted lives. This initiative is being conducted in partnership with Team Everest.

  • Video TLMS (Teaching Learning Materials) - L&T-eers have created curriculums based TLMs (Teaching Learning Materials) in English, Tamil & Hindi for the students of the Community Learning Centres and shelter homes and shared through WhatsApp and other digital means.

Bringing Smiles:

Gifts Box Painting: L&T-eers exhibit their artistic talents to make gift boxes come alive with myriad designs and cartoons with their creativity. These ‘painted’ gift boxes are distributed to rural school children as prizes and take away gifts for students who attend summer camps and digital literacy classes organized by the NGO, Team Everest.

Soiling Hands for A Greener Environment

L&T-eers take a break from their routine and lay their hands to roll Seed Balls - a clay dumpling; mixture made with mud manure with a seed inside every roll. After dried in the sun for a couple of days, these seeds are then thrown around randomly in rural or forest areas to promote afforestation. In the past couple of years, 500 + L&T-eers have taken part in this Green initiative and around 15000 seed balls have been distributed to various eco-friendly organisations and the Isha Nurseries across Tamil Nadu.

Blood Donation- Keeping the tradition alive

L&T Construction has been a part of Indian Red Cross Society’s mission for long to make available quality blood sustainability across government hospitals during emergencies. While COVID trampled the health care system in many ways, blood banks were the most affected, as getting regular donors was a huge challenge. L&T-ites kept a tradition alive even amidst pandemic by donating blood, adhering to appropriate COVID related protocols.


8th June is observed as World Oceans Day and to commemorate it, a bunch of 65 enthusiastic L&T-eers participated in a beach cleaning activity facilitated by BHUMI at Chennai’s Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar. In a three-hour activity, they collected trash and garbage along the 1.5 km coastal strip clearing plastics, micro plastics, single-use throwaway packets and such like.


1st October is observed as the International Day for Older Persons and is celebrated every year with great fanfare in association with HelpAge India. L&T-eers enthusiastically participate in this day-long programme attended by over 750 elderly people every year in Chennai.