Building smart solutions for a smarter world 

In response to the world seeking smarter, more secure and more intelligent solutions to enhance the quality of life, our Smart World Communication (SWC) business unit is well-equipped and placed to meet this growing need for smart cities, advanced security solutions and communication infrastructure. Opportunities abound in the areas of city surveillance, intelligent traffic management systems, transport & logistics, OFC cabling, communication network including backbone (GOFNMS, DWDMS, IPMPLS etc.), telecom infrastructure, BMS, smart grids, smart governance & education and smart city development. Operating from four well-defined segments – Smart Security Solutions, Smart Communication Network & Telecom Infrastructure, Smart Infrastructure and Military Communications – SWC can deliver end-to-end solutions to customers drawing upon the inherent strengths residing within the L&T Group in LTI, L&T Electrical & Automation Independent Company and L&T Technology Services.

Having built India’s first Smart City – Jaipur, India’s largest surveillance project in Mumbai, the country’s largest full integrated smart system in Nagpur and having managed the world’s largest religious gathering in Prayagraaj for the Kumbha Mela in 2019, SWC is already making its presence felt towards building a smarter world.

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