Increasingly, the world is seeking smarter, secure, more intelligent solutions and optimized utilization of resources to enhance the quality of life that has led to the rise of smart cities, advanced security solutions and communication infrastructure in several advanced economies. In India, with the Smart City Mission gaining momentum, L&T Smart World is well-positioned as a key Master Systems Integrator (MSI) to manage smart city projects, end-to-end.

We provide EPC services in the areas of city surveillance, intelligent traffic management systems, transport & logistics, border security, OFC cabling, communication network including backbone telecom infrastructure, smart governance, e-education, critical infrastructure and smart city development that broadly sit in four buckets: Smart Security Solutions, Smart Communication Network & Telecom Infrastructure, Smart Infrastructure and Military Communications. The business offers infrastructure expertise with design, project management, integration, and hardware services, backed by state-of-the-art IT capabilities to manage software and analytical solutions. The BU also draws on the expertise of other global experts for certain specific requirements.

The business has ventured into the area of next gen technology by creating solutions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Picture Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Cyber Security and first-of-their-kind emergency response systems like Hybrid Dial-100 & Early Warning Dissemination and have created and implemented a gamut of Use Cases based on advanced analytics to improve the quality of life of citizens.

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