Several iconic buildings, both in India and overseas - from airports to IT parks, malls to monuments, high-rises to hospitals, statues, institutional spaces, office buildings, cement plants, industrial warehouses, places to stay, pray or play bear the signature of excellence of our Buildings business. With an enviable track record, the business offers expertise across some well-defined infrastructure segments like Airports, Residential, IT & Office Spaces and Datacenters, Public Spaces, Factories and Hospitals 

An enviable track record features 12 international airports including iconic ones at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, with cumulative capacity to handle more than 180 million passengers annually over a total built-up area of 24 million sq. feet. Our Buildings business was among the first to greet India’s digital dawn, by creating facilities for a cross section of IT majors to just plug-and-play.

With excellent architectural and structural designs, optimal interior systems, high-strength concrete and other office automation systems, Our Buildings business has built several commercial complexes and educational institutions while their expertise in 'design-and-build' has given expression to several high-end homes, villas and mass housing complexes. Our Buildings business offers ‘turnkey solutions’ from ‘concept to commissioning’ with the help of advanced systems like Building Information Modelling, a global supply chain and unrivalled project management expertise. The advent of precast concrete construction has given the business a decisive edge with faster, more controlled, better quality construction. Our Buildings business also derives a competitive advantage from various factors, including our dedicated engineering data centers, competency cells, advanced formwork systems, mechanized project execution, an extensive network of consultants and vendors, digitized project control, and a highly skilled pool of employees.

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