Technology Innovation Centre (TIC)

Driving sustainability through digitization

The TIC is a first of its kind, high impact innovation hub showcasing a range of new-age solutions and smart infrastructure. With the help of 36 system apps, 550+ IOT devices, 500+ CCTV's connected through 15+ km of fibre network with 3 cloud platforms backed up by Multi-Protocol Label Switching, the TIC smartly connects and monitors our 27-acre campus 24x7 to provide real-time data driven solutions. Functioning as an integrated control centre, the TIC incorporates several systems including Smart Lighting, Rainfall Monitoring, Emergency Call Box & Public Address System, Surveillance, Environmental Sensors, Visitor Management, Smart Transport, Intelligent Traffic Management, Smart Wi-Fi, and Smart Waste Management.
Water Technology Centre - L&T Construction

Water Technology Centre

Shaping the future of water technology

A state-of-the-art facility, our Water Technology Centre which will serve as a hub for cutting-edge research and innovation, focused on advancing knowledge and providing solutions in water science and management. Our team of world-class researchers, practitioners, and partners from academia, industry, government, and civil society, are committed to collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches. We are committed to fundamental, methodological, and practice-based research to evolve scalable solutions to meet present and future water needs, and build a safe, resilient, and sustainable ecological systems globally. Our specialised R&D facilities cover the entire water spectrum, including biological systems, biosolids management, waste to value, membrane technology innovations, hydraulics, water management, smart irrigation, and digital twin implementation for treatment plants.
Water Technology Centre - L&T Construction


Providing value engineering and services

L&T's R&D Centre, perhaps the country's only one owned by a private company, is a unique DSIR-recognised facility that can conduct quality tests on all types of construction materials as per ISO 17025:2017, with NABL accredited facilities. Established in 2008, the Centre has specialised divisions in concrete technology, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, pavement engineering, special chemical testing on construction materials, industrial wastewater, and sophisticated instrumentation engineering and has even indigenously developed testing equipment. The Centre has to its credit a slew of innovations such as innovative refurbishing techniques for bridge decks with light weight concrete and geo-synthetics, the design and implementation of self-compacting concrete for water retaining structures, structural design review and NDT assessment of special structures, special design of foundation structures for solar projects, to name but a few.
Research and Construction testing centre- L&T Construction

Tunnelling Excellence Academy (TEA)

Thinking deeper for greater value

L&T's state-of-the-art TEA is in all probability India's first unique, purpose-built centre of excellence to develop in-house capabilities and skills to design, construct, operate and manage the construction of underground structures in the areas of railways, roads, hydro and smart projects. TEA aims to improve capabilities and efficiencies in operating Tunnel Boring Machines like cutter head maintenance, segment erection, grouting, safety, and the like. With a carefully evolved curriculum that is a mix of classroom-based and onsite training, TEA is working with experts from around the globe, professional bodies, partners, and academia to constantly improve and hone the courses on offer.

Transmission Line Testing & Research Station

Largest tower testing stations in India

L&T's Transmission Line Testing & Research Station (TLTRS) is one of the largest tower testing stations in India and the country's first private testing station to be accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL). Established on an area of 25 acres at Kanchipuram (near Chennai), the state-of-the-art station tests various voltages of transmission line towers, conforms to international design specifications and can test the adequacy of all components of transmission line structures and their connections to withstand the design loads specified for the test structure under stimulated conditions up to 1200 kV. The strategically located control room, the largest of its kind in the country (17,500 sq. ft - ground + two floors), is equipped with a gallery (3,500 sq. ft) that provides an unobstructed, 360 degree view for engineers for better control of the entire testing process. Since its inception in November 2009, TLTRS has completed testing of towers for several international clients as well from Spain, Oman, Abu Dhabi and Egypt.
Formwork method and planning- L&T Construction

Formwork Method & Planning Cell (FMPC)

The FMPC that resides in our Buildings business vertical integrates and scale innovative designs through formwork systems through its in-house design & customized solutions. It has traversed from system formwork to advanced in-house systems such as Modular Formwork, Automatic Climbing System, Safety Screens and Travelling Formwork.

Similarly, the FMPC of our Water business vertical customizes robust formwork support systems to construct critical water infrastructures guaranteeing safe working conditions for workmen through systemic monitoring, regular physical auditing, and periodic material maintenance of formwork materials to achieve the desired results. In addition, it identifies and imparts training for supervisors & workforce on system formwork on a continuous basis.

Formwork method and planning- L&T Construction

Construction Methods and Planning Cell (CMPC)

The CMPC that sits within our Buildings business vertical focuses on implementing cost-effective construction methods by offering value added solutions to critical and complex construction and erection works, constantly improvises on construction methods and offers time saving solutions to construction challenges, for on time project completion and, at the same time, seeks to systemize, mechanize, and appropriately automate construction processes. Equipped with competent knowledge base in latest construction trends and technologies, FMPC supports projects in construction methods planning, temporary structures, selection of equipment and customized formwork system for market leading cycle times with best in class safety and quality standards.

The CMPC of the Water business vertical focuses on customizing innovations and processes for the construction of precast modularised overhead tanks, intake wells and water retaining structures.

Construction method and planning- L&T Construction
Ford Global Technology & Business center in Chennai- L&T Construction

Finishes Competency Cell

The Finishes Competency Cell serves as a knowledge base to provide cutting edge technology and support services to all operating projects. With a team of experienced professionals, it offers technical support, develop technologies for finishing activities, explore the latest trends in material technology, impart technical orientation trainings to staff & workmen and implement digitalization and best practices in construction activities.

Ford Global Technology & Business center in Chennai- L&T Construction

Precast Concrete

The Precast Concrete team adopts state-of-the-art Precast Concrete Systems for residential and commercial buildings. Supported by well-equipped internal construction competency teams for construction methods, plant and machinery as well as EDRC (Engineering Design & Research Centre), they can cater to large scale mass housing projects, niche commercial buildings projects with industrialized construction in a controlled factory environment. Their design philosophy is backed by various full-scale laboratory test programs for seismic performance as well serviceability parameter evaluation certified by premier educational institutes. On offer are entire design and build solutions with a single point of contact responsibility from the concept stage architectural planning to handover commissioning including design, construction planning, manufacturing and erection as well as the planning and design of the precast concrete manufacturing facilities.

Precast concrete construction technology- L&T construction
Concrete Technology Cell- L&T Construction

Concrete Technology Cell (CTC)

CTC deals with a wide array of tall, long, large volume, fair finishes, and aesthetic curvilinear concrete elements with various high-performance concrete. The Concrete Management Department provides solutions to clients, architects, and structural designers by delivering sustainable and durable concrete for various segments that include High Strength Concrete up to grade M120, Self-Compacting Concrete, Temperature Controlled Mass Concrete with post concrete heat control, Light-weight Concrete, Pervious Concrete, Precast and Prestressed Concrete with early strength requirements, Slipform Concrete, Concrete for Pavement applications, Fibre Reinforced Concrete, as well as NDT and Repair & Rehabilitation of structures. CTC specializes in vertical pumping of concrete too as high as 300 M, single pour lift of about 12 M and long-distance pumping of up to 1500 M with simulation test of pumping mixes for tall towers and extended retention time up to 6 hrs for long haul concrete.

Foundation Engineering Division: supports project sites to build diaphragm walls, carry out pilling works, ground improvement works, deep excavation and pile testing. It supports ground improvement works with digital solutions and practices latest technologies in testing to improve productivity with safe working environment.

Prestressing Division: can execute the prestressing works for structures like silos, flat slabs, girders with improved productivity, cycle time and optimum use of prestressing materials with continuous interaction with designers.

Concrete Technology Cell- L&T Construction

Construction Enabling Services Cell (CESC)

CESC complements the operations of B&F projects by providing a variety of construction enabling services for critical and complex construction works by aiming for better utilization of resources by systemizing, automating and mechanizing various workforce intensive site activities to achieve higher productivity and speedier completion.

L&T Formwork: provides ‘Total Formwork solutions' for all types of reinforced concrete structures for varied applications to ensure speedy, accurate construction with superior concrete finish and better productivity. The Pondicherry Formwork Factory undertakes design, fabrication, and supply of Formwork assemblies for specialized applications like tunnel forms and high-rise structures.

Steel Service Centre: established in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore supplies cut and bend reinforcement to projects by cutting and bending reinforcement to the tune of 1,20,000 tonnes per annum.

Formwork factory- L&T Construction
BIM academy- L&T Construction

‘PratiBIMb' a state-of-art BIM experience centre

The WET business has built a dedicated state-of-art BIM experience centre ‘PratiBIMb' that serves as a research facility to continuously develop and evaluate new processes and for virtually project collaboration with all business stakeholders in real-time. BIM covers the entire life cycle: concept, design, document, construct, commission and O&M of treatment plants, utility networks, irrigation and infrastructure projects. Varied analysis on the BIM model offers optimal and sustainable design to deliver projects in accelerated schedules, stringent deadlines, and limited resources meeting high standards of quality and safety.

BIM academy- L&T Construction

Special Projects and Construction Methods (SPCM)

SPCM specializes in heavy lift erection and related works offering complete solutions to build complex structures for refineries, petrochemicals, steel plants, cement plants, conveyor bridges and other critical works. It prepares and implements cost effective construction methods with a focus on speed, quality and safety by incorporating the latest trend in the construction technology like modularization, large-scale prefabrication and customized construction methods. With a fleet of 24 heavy lift cranes ranging from 150 tons to 750 tons, SPCM has executed several jobs through proper schemes and methods. Super heavy elements (up to 3000 t) are lifted through specially built towers and strand jack systems together with heavy skidding facility.

ITC One Hotel in Colombo- L&T Construction
BIM academy- L&T Construction

BIM Academy

Providing world-class training in digital engineering, the BIM Academy aims to empower and upskill employees in the latest BIM technologies, processes and standards through end-to-end training in 3D, 4D & 5D BIM, virtual reality, common data environment, management & processes and computational designs. Through global collaborations with universities and technology experts, faculties from across the world share their knowledge and experience with our employees significantly contributing towards our digital transformation.

BIM academy- L&T Construction

Competency Development Centre (CDC) – Railways

CDC is a first-of-its-kind training centre for rail construction at Kanchipuram, near Chennai that aims to augment the competency of the construction workforce to develop a talent pool of skilled workmen capable of delivering world-class standards in rail construction. The training centre set up in a 6-acre area is equipped with excellent infrastructure for practical and classroom sessions with the facility to impart on-site training to 300 technicians and 180 middle level managers/engineers annually. Specialized training is provided in various rail construction trades including permanent way works, overhead electrification, signalling and telecommunication, platforms and buildings.

NXT Digital Hub- L&T Construciton

The hi-tech, new-age digital hub

A new statement of our digital transformation

The 'Digital Hub' plays a dual role of being both a showcase of our digital solutions as well as a workplace where innovative digital solutions are being conceptualized, designed and created in an environment that fosters collaborative team work, inspires creativity and stimulates out-of-box thinking. The showcase spaces have been created as several demo pods where visitors can see models, artefacts, solutions, and experience geospatial and AR/VR technologies. The workspaces are designed around these demo pods, amidst many collaborative zones.

NXT Digital Hub- L&T Construciton