Infrastructure support and Smart Class Rooms to Corporation Schools

11,500 children from across 33 Corporation Schools benefit from our efforts to provide infrastructure support and implementing Smart Classrooms. Apart from having transformed the learning environment, students are now equipped with modern educational tools and resources for an improved educational experience.

Students in laboratory- L&T Construction
L&T Drops to Litre programme- L&T Construction

Uplifting the quality of living at Ithampadu village

More than 600 families of Ithampadu village, near Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, have seen a new dawn thanks to our efforts in association with Hand In Hand India. Surveys revealed that health was a major problem for the villagers and the reason was their intake of impure water. Hence, the first step was to establish a RO plant that has reduced illnesses to a bare minimum and saved the womenfolk from having to walk miles to fetch drinking water. The RO plant is now being managed & maintained by a committee drawn from the villagers. The next initiative was to renovate the village school to provide the children with benches & desks, regular water and improved toilets including toilets for girls. The number of students are already rising.

L&T Drops to Litre programme- L&T Construction

Community Based Study Centre at North Chennai

The result of our enduring partnership of over 5 years with Bhumi, a NGO, is the expansion of community learning centers that have significantly impacted the lives of over 2100 children from slum settlements, primarily in north Chennai. The collaboration focuses on strengthening their academic fundamentals and fostering essential life skills, to ensure their holistic development.

L&T Special Education for children
L&T Special children school programme vidyasagar

‘Every Child A Scientist’

Focused on inspiring and inculcating a scientific temper amongst children from the underprivileged sections of the scociety, L&T Construction is partnering MSSRF (M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation) for the ambitious ‘ECAS’ initiative. The 15-day programme has already successfully touched 300+ students from various government schools in the city of Chennai. The activities include time in a digital lab established on the MSSRF premises.

L&T Special children school programme vidyasagar

Drops To Litres Programme

Eight government schools in Chennai are already enjoying the benefit of this programme in which we have joined hands with United Way of Chennai to construct Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) structures that have not only improved the groundwater levels in and around the school premises but have also helped the institutions raise awareness about rainwater harvesting and sustainability among the students.

Children skill development programme- L&T Construction
Seth Vidyalaya Education Initiative- L&T Construction

Inclusive Education For The Children Of Vidyasagar

For specially abled children, Vidyasagar (erstwhile the Spastics Society of India) is a haven for their development and to meet their special needs with specially designed educational programmes & workshops involving teachers, physiotherapists, and parents. We have a long association with Vidyasagar and have been helping the organization move from strength to strength.

Seth Vidyalaya Education Initiative- L&T Construction

Seth Vidyalaya, New Delhi with Prayatn

A formal school educational initiative providing quality education to 750+ children drawn from the lower strata of society in New Delhi.

Women constructing Skill development - L&T Construction
Art & Craft exhibition chennai- L&T Construction

L&T Arts and Crafts Exhibition

An annual event hosted at our Chennai campus to provide a platform for NGOs working for the disability cause to exhibit and sell products made by artisans. Nearly 15 NGOs participate in the event.

Art & Craft exhibition chennai- L&T Construction