Delivering state-of-the-art IT & communication systems

For a more secure and smarter world, robust communication network and telecom infrastructures are imperatives. We possess the capability to provide solutions for a range of requirements covering Wired & Wireless Networks including OFC; GPON, IP-based DWDM / MPLS Communication Network; GSM services; Wi-Fi; Fixed Broad Band; Satellite and Microwave RF Links; ICT / Data Centre Infrastructure; Multimedia Services & Gateways. The Communication segment has already proven its expertise in providing state-of-the-art IT & communication systems for airports, metros, power plants and factories including the Metro communication system and Dubai Concourse 4 Special Airport Systems Package. The Business is also equipped to provide GOFNMS (GIS Based Optical Fiber Cable Network Management System) and NFS (Network for Spectrum), Smart Grid solutions across India. 

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