Revolutionizing building construction using 3D Printing technology 3D concrete printing India's first Post Office Building

3D concrete printing can potentially radically redefine construction methodologies by accelerating the pace of construction and significantly improving build quality. Presently, we are 3D concrete printing India’s first 1,100-sq feet post office building in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

In 3D printing, the material is printed under computer control to build a 3- dimensional product, typically layer by layer. The concrete mix design requires a paradoxical combination of concrete properties: flowability, quick hardening to take the load of subsequent layers, green concrete status to ensure bonding between the layers, and strength to print successfully. 3D concrete printed structures are cast in situ at the job site in an ‘open to sky’ environment, using a fully automated 3D printer.

Earlier in November 2019, we 3D printed a 240 sq feet 1 BHK, in line with typical EWS building layout, to explore the feasibility of this innovative technology. This was followed by a 3D printed G+1 (Ground plus one) building with reinforcement for the first time in India.

3D Concrete Printed Buildings by L&T:

  • Single Storey building at L&T Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
  • G+1 Building at L&T Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
  • Show Flat for L&T Reality, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Ongoing Projects:

  • HAD (Himank Air Dispatch) Transit Residence at Chandigarh for Border Roads Organisation, Indian Army
  • Villas Project at Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Buildings for a factory client
Straddle Carrier Girder Transporter- L&T Construction

Innovative full span launching equipment for the HSR project

We have in-house and indigenously built first-of-their-kind full span launching equipment like the Straddle Carrier and the Girder Transporter for the High Speed Rail project. These will transport and erect full span girders as a single piece for the double track. The 40-m long girders weighing 975 MT will be the heaviest PSC box girders to be precast and erected in India’s construction industry. The machines are equipped with highly mechanized and proven world class & reliable components and can operate in automatic mode using in-built program logic. There is a provision for remote monitoring through IoT too.

Straddle Carrier Girder Transporter- L&T Construction