Green buildings – 25+ million sq. feet constructed till date

Apart from building nations and constantly transforming landscapes, we are focussed on creating greener and more resilient infrastructure that protects the environment while generating cost efficiencies to derive greater value for our stakeholders.

Ford Global Technology & Business Centre - India’s largest Platinum Rated Green Building!

Ford Global Technology & Business Centre, the 2.6 million square feet high-rise campus in Chennai and built by Buildings vertical has become India’s largest Platinum rated green building in the office-cum-research park category by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Salient green features of the project:

  • 28% Energy Savings
  • 38% Potable Water Savings
  • 100% reuse of STP Water
  • 50% use of Local Materials
  • 450 kW Solar PV Installed Onsite
  • 3000 LPD Solar Hot Water System
  • 100% storage of Rainwater Runoff
  • >20% use of recycled content materials
  • Use of GreenPro certified materials
  • Use of FSC Certified Wood

ITC Grand Chola - largest platinum rated green hotel in the world

A 7-star hotel with 16,00,000 sq. ft mixed-use development building, it is the world’s largest platinum rated by IGBC green hotel.

Salient green features of the project:

  • Plant efficiency of 0.57 KW/TON
  • Variable speed cooling towers with 76 gpm/ HP and approach temperature 7 ̊F
  • Oxygen trimming in boilers –continuous monitoring of the flue gases
  • CO2 Sensor based TFA’s and AHU’s operated by IBMS
  • 100% Green power from wind
  • 20% hot water through Solar water heating system
  • Water from last cycle of wash reused for first cycle in laundry
  • Onsite sewage treatment plant to tertiary standards
  • Multiple zone hydro pneumatic water distribution system
  • Native & naturalized plant species

Motera Cricket Stadium - India’s Greenest!

The world’s largest cricket stadium at Motera is Gold Rated by IGBC for its Sustainable Architecture & Design, Site Selection & Planning, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Building Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation & Design.

Salient green features of the project:

  • Integrated design approach by preserving the existing trees and incorporating them into the landscape design
  • Following meticulous Erosion and sedimentation control strategies
  • 22% open space for vegetation
  • Onsite 1 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Use of water was reduced by 30% with aerators & regulators
  • Energy conservation of 21%
  • 96% of the construction/demolition/land clearing waste was recycled and reused at site
  • Minimum fresh air provided as per ASHRAE 62.1 - 2010 standards
  • India’s only LED-lit stadium in which high wattage LED light fixtures
  • Adoption of precast technology

TCS Gitanjali Park - Gold Rated Green Building

This 2,201,618 Sq. ft IT Park in Kolkata was awarded Gold rating for Green Building by IGBC.

Salient green features of the project:

  • 51.7% Water Savings (through efficient fixtures & grey water reuse)
  • 98.7% of Construction waste being diverted from Landfill
  • 62% of the civil materials are procured regionally
  • 19% of the civil materials are with high recycled content
  • 100% of Wastewater Treatment on-site and Re-use inside Campus
  • Low VOC paints, adhesives & flooring systems
  • Organic Waste from canteen is converter into manure
  • 26.7% Energy Savings better than ASHRAE 90.1 Standard
  • 284 kW Solar Photovoltaic Panel has been installed
  • 45000 LPD Solar hot water system