Mumbai Surveillance project

Aimed to shore up Mumbai's defences against 26/11 like attacks and control the law and order situation, we brought the Maximum city that is spread over about 600 sq. km with a population of 18 million under the third eye by installing the largest surveillance network in the country. We designed, developed, implemented and now maintain nearly 10,000 CCTV cameras across 1,800 locations. We have set up 3 state-of-the-art Command & Control Centres, 2 Data Centres, a Vehicle Tracking System, Collaborative Monitoring and Mobile Surveillance Systems. The system aids and fast-tracks investigations, improves traffic management, deters, detects and thereby deals with criminal activities, monitors suspicious movements of people or vehicles, vital installations, public places and aids disaster management. Equipped with cutting edge analytics, facial recognition and a state-of-the-art emergency response system (Dial 100) has been integrated with the surveillance system for better, swifter and more efficient response.