L&T can offer multi-pronged security solutions on a turnkey basis that are postmodern and reliable for a whole spectrum of smart infrastructure which covers Smart Buildings, Smart Energy, Smart Water Solutions, Smart Transportation & Logistics, Emergency Response Systems, Real-time Information Systems and Smart Cities.

L&T Construction has executed many projects that include most of the sub systems of SMART city offerings like CCTV systems, VMS, Video Analytics, Access Control Systems, Telecom Systems, Command & Control Centre Systems - DIAL, MIAL, Cairn Energy, KAFCO to name a few. These projects, which were executed independently till now, are now being brought under one umbrella to create smart infrastructure in future.

Smart Buildings
Smart buildings employ communication and automation technologies to integrate various building subsystems, which typically operate in silos otherwise. These sub-systems including HVAC, Lighting, Fire Protection, Access Control Systems, Surveillance, Smart Meters, Water, UPS, Elevators, etc. share information to optimize the performance of the building. A smart building is in sync with smart grids which enables it to optimize its energy requirements.

With an experience spanning over 500 buildings including high-rise towers, hospitals, commercials complexes, IT Parks and factories, L&T is the largest building construction company in India. In addition, L&T has also invested in creating a unique Building and Energy Management System - iBEMS which integrates several technologies to provide measurable benefits to customers in addition to providing a solid base towards getting certifications like LEED. iBEMS provides event-based data retrieval for real time data access (data analytics, reports, 3D visualization) along with historic data support and has a user-friendly interface.

Smart Critical Infrastructure
L&T's comprehensive smart technology offerings for critical infrastructure covering nuclear power plants, metros, IT parks and airports straddle:

  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion Detection Systems - Perimeter/Pipeline
  • Public Address Systems
  • Integrated Command Control Centres
  • Video Management Systems
  • Video Analytics
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Specialized Solutions
  • Public WiFi
  • Information Displays
  • Tetra Communications
  • ELV and Special Systems

Smart Transport & Logistics
Smart cities demand on-call emergency response systems that incorporate modern technologies such as Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Automated Vehicle Location Systems and Computer Telephony Integration to provide uniform and prompt response to citizens during emergencies.

L&T's end-to-end offerings include:

  • Call Centers
  • Contact Center Components
  • CAD Applications
  • Fleet Management
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems

L&T has forged two partnerships with Cisco and Tele2 to provide world class solutions for the transportation sector including rail, bus and airports.

Smart Water Solutions
A key contributor towards the critical cause of water sustainability, L&T is a market leader in offering ‘concept-to- commissioning' services for creating world-class water infrastructure in the areas of:

  • Water transmission, treatment, distribution and management
  • Municipal used water collection, treatment and reuse
  • Industrial water treatment to achieve ultra-pure water
  • Industrial effluent treatment and zero liquid discharge / recycle
  • Desalination Plants - sea water / brackish water
  • 'Unaccounted for Water' projects to monitor the water loss
  • Water Meters
  • SCADA - water supply monitoring and distribution management

Smart Energy
As one of the leading EPC players in the Solar Power space, L&T has an enviable track record of over 400MW of solar projects. These incorporate various technologies offering economically viable and technically superior solutions for utility scale photovoltaic, rooftop and concentrated solar power plants, microgrids, smart grids and wind power solutions.

On offer are customized solutions from concept to commissioning for micro grids which are integrated energy system networks consisting of distributed generation sources (like solar, micro-wind turbines, fossil fuels and biomass), energy storage and advanced control systems for distribution. Solutions are offered after careful analysis of source and load controls to operate as a single autonomous grid either in parallel or exclusive island set-up from the existing utility power grid.

The benefits of smart grids are reduced outages and faults, flexible distribution of power, smart metering management and demand response and reduction in T&D losses. By enabling intelligent flow of information, smart grids optimize regulation, generation, supply and consumption of electricity. L&T's smart grid solutions include smart meters, digital sensors, advanced communication networks, sophisticated analytics, sub-station monitoring for power utilities and also predictive analytics to enhance distribution efficiencies.

Smart energy solutions allow customers to participate in the energy value chain, by enabling more intelligence throughout the grid.

To showcase its prowess in renewable energy technology, L&T Construction has commissioned a fully operational Microgrid system at its Chennai Campus which integrates Solar Plant, Micro-wind turbine, Power Generators and Grid Power to optimize the power requirements.


With safety and security an imperative for modern life, video based surveillance has emerged as a fundamental element of safety and law enforcement in urban areas. L&T's core strength lies in offering a whole spectrum of sustainable


For a more secure and smarter world, a robust communication network and telecom infrastructure is an imperative. L&T Construction has the capability to provide solutions for a range of requirements covering Wired & Wireless Networks

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