27 acres. 40,000 sq. m of green cover! Produces over 4 lakh units of solar power.
Saves 82,000+ KLD of water. Breathes healthy!

Our Chennai Headquarters at Manapakkam is acknowledged as an 'Outstanding Corporate Green Campus.' Spread over 1.44 lakh sq. m, the safe, smart and solar power-lit hub has 40,000 sq m of green cover featuring award-winning concrete structures replete with green features.

Green Cover: The carbon sequestered in the campus is 17.34 tonnes per year which is a significant 262.12 tonnes till date. While the CO2 level is well below permissible levels ranging between 550-690 ppm, various stack emissions are also in-line with EHS norms.

Solar power: A grid-connected solar PV system on roof tops produces 4,42,484 units of electricity per annum while our wind farm of 8.7 MW in the districts of Tirupur and Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu generates over 19000 MWH of electricity per annum providing 9,664,179 KWH of carbon credit to the campus.

82,367 KLD of Water Savings: 2 sewage treatment plants of 400 KLD and 200 KLD capacities save 82,125 KLD of water per annum while 10 RO plants and automated sprinkling systems irrigate the trees and plants. The harvesting system can accumulate 242.36 KLD of rain water through 67 recharge points comprising of pits, wells and trenches.

AQI (Air Quality Index) is monitored in comparison with rest of Chennai and other cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi and the findings reveal that the employees breathe healthy within the campus.

Driving sustainability through digitization: Smartly connected, various functional parameters of the campus are monitored through the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC), a first of its kind, high impact innovation hub with a range of new-age solutions. Real-time data is generated through 36 system apps, 550+ IOT devices, 500+ CCTVs connected through a 15+ Km of fibre network with 3 cloud platforms backed up by Multi-Protocol Label Switching.

Other smart features include Smart Lighting, Rainfall Monitoring System, Emergency Call Box & General Announcement, Surveillance Systems, Environmental Sensors, Transport Systems, Intelligent Traffic Management System, Smart Wi-Fi and Smart Waste Management ensuring 24/7 monitoring of various vital utilities and in-house consumption.

Green Milestones for the campus

  • Energy Efficiency Excellence Award for achieving excellence in energy management at the 14th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management
  • CII's National Award for Excellence in Water Management
  • L&T awarded for prime contribution towards Green Building Construction (4.5 million sq.ft of registered green building footprint) during the GreenCo Summit 2013
  • AR Centre

    - LEED-EB Silver Rated Green Building
    The AR Centre or the Engineering Design and Research Centre (EDRC), also known as the Tree of Knowledge, is a triangular structure, rising like branches of a tree and designed as two symmetrical wings on either side of a service core. On a built-up area of 8686 sq.m, the floors seem to rotate at consecutive levels to form landscaped terraces, creating gardens in the sky. The geometry and dimensions of the floor plan facilitate adequate light to reach the inner most recesses. All the architectural forms are astutely blended into the structure, lending the building it uniqueness.

    The AR Centre won the 2002 Federation Internationale du Beton (fib) award for Outstanding Concrete Structure and the LEED Silver rating by the US Green Building Council in the Existing Building category for design, construction and operation of Green Buildings. It is the second building in India and the second one in Chennai to have received this rating under the LEED EB category.

    Green Initiatives

    • Building automation systems to monitor water, energy performance, temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors
    • Double glazing
    • Over deck insulation
    • High performance CFC-free chillers
    • Energy efficient light fixtures
    • Recycled water for irrigation
  • Technology Centre II

    - LEED-NC v2.1 Certified Green Building
    Built on a 1.5 lakh sq.ft. area, the Technology Centre II (TCII) building is a state-of-the-art structure with a unique design of expanding floor plates. Organized with a central core, the plan provides for large column-free office space. All the common facilities are organized on the ground floor, the first to fourth floors detailed for housing modular office facilities and the terrace houses the service backbone facilities like the air-cooled screw type chiller plant, lift machine room, pump rooms and water tank. The innovative and exclusive structural system comprises post-tensioned expanded polystyrene embedded flat slabs for the main office areas, supported by a central reinforced concrete core and peripheral reinforced concrete shear walls/columns resting on a pile foundation. The building is designed for seismic zone-III with ductile detailing as per the Indian codes of practice and other relevant Indian standards. The building is equipped with automatic analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system and 100% power back-up.

    Green Efficiency

    • Roof with high Albedo with a U-value of 0.22 Btu/hr-sqftºF
    • High performance glazing. The overall Window-Wall-Ratio (WWR) for the building is 28% Non CFC based refrigerant used in chillers
    • Automated flow/flush fixtures
    • Water metering
    • Storm water control
    • Outdoor and indoor air delivery monitoring
  • Technology Centre III

    - IGBC LEED Silver Rated Building
    The Technology Centre III (TC III) represents another innovative and pioneering technology in construction and the recipient of a Silver Rating by the Indian Green Building Council for new construction. TC III also won the 'Ultratech Award for Outstanding Concrete Structure of Tamil Nadu 2011'.

    Green Highlights

    • Sensor controlled automated flow and flush fixtures
    • Pervious pavers for storm water quality control
    • 100% covered parking
    • Reserved parking spaces for car pools
    • High performance glazing
    • Ozone depletion free chiller refrigerants installed
    • Water metering
    • Outdoor and indoor air delivery monitoring
  • CRR Centre

    - The CCR Centre, the headquarters building, won the Federation Internationale due Beton (fib) award in 1994. The square shaped building is lifted above the ground and floats on four principal core shafts resting on deep well foundations that leaves the entrance unobstructed. Each pillar is designed to carry a maximum load of 5000 t and supports an inverted four-sided hollow pyramid on which rise four superstructures – each a 21.6m square, overlapping one another by a quarter of its length. Post-tensioned by a maze of cables, each pyramid base cantilevers out by 10 m, supporting its own weight as also that of the upper floors. Each floor is made up of precast concrete waffle slabs offering maximum flexibility.

  • The Henning Holck-Larsen Centre

    - The Henning Holck-Larsen Centre (HHLC) is our corporate museum dedicated to the memory of L&T's founding father and Chairman Emeritus, Henning Holck-Larsen and built to commemorate 60 years of L&T Construction. The two-storied, 13,000 sq. feet elliptical structure has been designed as an oval glass enclosure. It has a 6.1m tall spider glazing system with 12mm thick toughened glass all around. The huge oval concrete roof has been treated as a penthouse with a terrace garden, a lobby and a well-appointed auditorium. Apart from a freestanding staircase, another unique feature of the HHLC is its landscape with two large water bodies replete with cascades and parasol-shaped structures that also act as an effective rain water harvesting method. The Corporate museum won the PRSI Golden Jubilee Award in 2008 for 'Live Interactive and Innovative PR Initiative' from the Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), New Delhi.

  • Convention Centre

    - The Convention Centre is a multi-purpose complex that won the ICI-McBauchemie Award from the Indian Concrete Institute in 1997. A unique element is the conical roof, comprising truncated cone segments, finished with curved terracotta tiles. Landscaping with water bodies and fountains along the road that runs around the building adds to the aesthetics of the entire complex. It houses the VIP & employee dining halls, convention and business development centres and can host training programmes for close to 800 employees.

  • Battery Operated Vehicles

    - 3 battery operated vehicles are used inside the campus that run an average of 25 km per day.

    Environmental gains:

    • Zero greenhouse gas emission during operation
    • Better mileage
    • Noiseless
    • Durable with minimum maintenance
  • Project GreenHands

    - Project GreenHands is an initiative with L&T and ISHA Foundation with the objective to create additional green cover in the campuses. Over the last 5 years, an army of 'green volunteers' have planted 2,00,000+ saplings in various public places - like schools, colleges, hospitals and local townships. Continuing the green tradition, the Janmotsav & Vanmotsav programmes are recognized as green birthday initiatives and all L&T-ites are invited to plant saplings from the Green Hands Nursery. A dedicated team of more than 30 gardeners nurture more than 3000 saplings at any given point of time, considering seasonal changes.

Design and build capabilities

L&T's strength lies in its in-house design which is backed by a multi-disciplinary team of specialized engineers & expats and sophisticated software & hardware facilities that provide value added integrated engineering services with detailed design and engineering support as part of comprehensive EPC services.

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