Desalination is the future source of water. Indigenous technology combined with high calibre engineering resources enable L&T to execute state-of-theart desalination plants. As a leader in water infrastructure and management, L&T's water supply and distribution business has the prowess to provide solutions for new generation water systems and meet demanding delivery schedules.

Water Supply Monitoring and Distribution Management
L&T's end-to-end capability to design and install Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) helps monitor and improve water supply distribution systems by detecting, arresting and reducing leakages. L&T's SCADA systems provide customers with complete information on water parameters such as flow and pressure of pipeline laid throughout the network from the main control centre. Geographical Information System (GIS), which is extensively used to map the distribution system, provides pictorial views and helps find the shortest route to manage disasters.

Unaccounted For Water
L&T provides one-stop solution for water lost during transmission such as leakages from overflows, transmission and distribution mains and at service connections. L&T is the preferred partner in implementing leak detection and rectification works that decrease Unaccounted For Water and increase the flow in service mains and connections at major towns and cities.

Operation and Maintenance
Operation, control and maintenance are indispensable for the continuous and safe operation of any water infrastructure. Team L&T favorably responds to this vital need following growing demand from clients and undertakes the operation and maintenance of all types of water supply projects as well as treatment plants.

urban and rural water supply

L&T's water supply and distribution business segment has a proven track record of offering total solutions right from concept to commissioning of water supply systems, transmission and distribution, desalination and


Over the years, L&T has gained expertise and has mastered the processing technology for removing all types of contaminants and harmful microorganisms from raw water sources and providing potable quality drinking water

Waste Water Treatment & Network

L&T's waste water business is a complete solution provider and a leader in waste water collection, treatment, recirculation and reuse projects. Sewage treatment is another area of specialization with several complex projects

Industrial Water Supply and Treatment

As the leader in developing and providing water infrastructure for the country, L&T has played a significant role in the industrial sector by executing many significant projects. It has a proven track record of offering total solutions right from

Lift Irrigation Projects

L&T's industrial water supply business possesses the domain knowledge and expertise to execute lift irrigation project schemes on EPC basis covering every spectrum of work. Services offered include design and construction of intake wells, overhead tanks, pumping stations, distribution channels and delivery cisterns covering transmission of bulk water through large dia pipeline networks to complete electromechanical and instrumentation works with SCADA system installations.

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