In 2012, L&T GeoStructure acquired a large fleet of high-end equipment resources as listed below:

Equipment Description Qty
Diaphragm wall trench cutter 2
Diaphragm wall grab 5
Rotary piling rigs 52
Driven precast piling rig 4
Driven cast-in-situ piling rig 3
Sheet piling equipment (vibro-hammer & vibroflot) 12
Soil investigation rig 16
Crane 33
Anchor drilling rig 3
Multi-hammer drill 1

With this large asset base, L&T GeoStructure is equipped to carry out deep piling of up to 3m diameter and diaphragm walls of width of up to 1.5m.

Piling rigs
Hydraulic rotary piling rigs from reputed OEMs like Bauer and Casagrande are the major strength of the entity's resources. The rigs are capable of carrying out bored cast in-situ piles of 500mm to 2700mm diameters and up to a maximum depth of 55m in soil and hard rock. They include high-end machines such as BG 36 and C600 of strategic value, to give a cutting-edge over other competitors in the market. Two multipurpose piling rigs of Junttan make, of high productivity, capable of both bored and driven piling are available.

Piling rigs have been integrated with BSP hammers with which precast piles of up to 450mm square can be installed to address customer demand in mega projects for large quantities of piling in very tight schedules.

Diaphragm wall equipment
There are diaphragm wall equipment which are capable of constructing 600mm to 1500mm thick diaphragm walls and up to a maximum depth of 70m to 80m. Equipped with a cutter technology, this equipment has met the challenges of cutting into extremely hard rock formations. The cutter system along with the de-sanding plant, which continuously supplies drilling fluid and recirculates it after filtering the cutting material, ensure better technology for the diaphragm wall construction, resulting in higher productivity.

In addition, there are Baya grabs, which are grab type diaphragm wall equipment, mounted on a base machine, which is Casagrande crane model, and having a hydraulic grab system with grab bucket for trenching. These baya grabs can do trenching in hard soil and even weathered rock of sizes of 600mm to 1000mm thickness and up to 75m depth.

Another type of grab with the Kelly system mounted on a Casagrande piling rig base machine has recently been added to the equipment fleet. These kelly grabs can do diaphragm walls of sizes of 600mm to 1000mm thick and depth of up to 40m, and are well suited for all types of soils.

Ground improvement equipment
L&T GeoStructure took an initiative to procure vibro-compaction equipment to widen the business spectrum. Vibroflot, which was added to the equipment resources, can carry out vibro stone column of sizes of 600mm to 900mm and up to 25m depth.

Ground anchor drilling rig
Ground anchoring works have a wide application in basement construction. To meet this requirement, L&T GeoStructure has anchor drilling rigs of Hutte make. These drilling rig models are specially designed for anchor drilling and are capable of installing anchors of sizes of 100mm to 230mm.

A large and skilled technician base has been built to operate this high-end equipment. Gaps in skillsets are identified on a regular basis, and hands-on training programs are conducted periodically, in association with the equipment manufacturers. This ensures enhancement of skillsets for improved equipment performance.

Apart from a high-end maintenance workshop and yard facility, the following expertise has been developed to keep equipment healthy at all times:

  • Engine maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Hydraulic system maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Electrical & electronic system troubleshooting
  • Kelly reconditioning
  • Piling & D-wall drilling tools reconditioning
  • Servicing of pumps for bentonite circulation and pumping
  • Reconditioning/replacement of desander plants
  • Training and assessment of equipment operation


Foundation is a critical component of any construction activity - be it large or small. Larsen & Toubro Limited, the Indian engineering giant entered the foundation business as early as three decades ago with a small team

Engineering & Technology

Business related to soil is always challenging, primarily due to large variations in properties across the depth and breadth of any particular site. Engineering and Technology play a major role in the ground engineering business.

Safety and quality

At L&T GeoStructure, EHS is given prime importance. Utmost care is taken to ensure the safety of employees, workmen and assets. The safety team comprises 20 qualified personnel, with a structured presence in all clusters and sites.

project management

L&T's Project Management teams have repeatedly demonstrated their ability by delivering complex projects ahead of time even under critical conditions and stringent timelines. With perfect understanding of the fundamental drivers in the sector

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