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Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) is a comprehensive ERP solution designed by taking utmost care with core functionality of the construction industry in mind.

EIP is a data management strategy that provides a window into enterprise knowledge by bringing to life to unstructured dormant data so it can be compared, analyzed, and shared by any user in the organization.

EIP designed by taking utmost care with core functionality of the industry in mind.

EIP helps to integrate the data in an organization under one common platform. The purpose behind is not only to ensure transparency but also to facilitate tracking down information regarding the status of a particular Project.

All activities right from pre-construction stage to post construction stage can be captured and monitored. Management can access and manage onsite activities from anywhere anytime.

Its core benefit is that it provides busy professionals with one stop shopping for all their business needs.

An enterprise portal would give these business users a common interface and access point to all types of structured and unstructured data without having to know its location or format.
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