More About Readymix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

The Ready mix concrete business in India is in its infancy. For example, 70% of cement
produced in a developed country like Japan is used by Ready Mix concrete business
there. Here in India, Ready Mix concrete business uses around 2% of total cement

Reason for backlog

In early 70s both pricing and distribution of cement was controlled due to shortage of
supply, Readymix concrete technology could not be implemented as investors felt that
Ready mix concrete plant will starve due to non-availability of cement. The levy of
additionl Taxes & Duties on RMC, entry tax, excise duty also contributed to the slow development of the concept.


Basic requirement for growth of the industry:

Government bodies, private builders, architects/engineers, contractors, and
individuals are to be made fully aware about the advantages of using
ready mix concrete.
Government bodies / consultants to include ready mix concrete as mandatory in
their specification for execution.

Hurdles to set up new Plant:

Plant to be located in an area where Concrete Consumptions are there, as the
concrete has to be transported. Good water source at the plant site. In case
of Non-availability of potable water in and around the location of plant, water
has to be transported from distant location.


Government helps necessary for the growth of Industry :

  • Government specifications for CPWD and PWD jobs should include Readymix concrete as an mandatory item.
  • Tax breaks are required for the growth of RMC
  • Developers / Contractors to be discouraged from piling up materials like metal, sand etc. on roads/foot paths.


Advantage of Readymix Concrete over Sitemix Concrete:

  • Better quality concrete is produced.
  • Elimination of storage space for basic materials at site.
  • Elimination of Procurement / Hiring of plant and machinery
  • Wastage of basic materials is avoided.
  • Labour associated with production of concrete is eliminated.
  • Time required is greatly reduced.
  • Noise and dust pollution at site is reduced.
  • Organisation at site is more streamlined.


    Cost factor compared to Sitemix concrete:

    Currently, Ready mix concrete is marginally expensive compared to site mix
    concrete because:

    Transportation of concrete

    However on considering the advantages of Readymix Concrete, the cost factor
    is negligible.

    When higher strength of concrete and where high volume of concrete is required
    then L&T Concrete remains the better choice.

    How to reduce the cost:

    Local manufacturers of plant and machinery are to come up with Indian manufacture
    equipment for Readymix concrete operation
    Rationalise Taxes & Duties


    Utilization of Fly ash:

    Though the scope for utilization of fly ash in Readymix concrete
    is very high, the concept of fly ash as an additive to concrete
    is still at very initial stage and it is not popular among majority
    of actual users of concrete.