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ECC's Human Resources Department believes that Quality is the hallmark of any successful venture. 

Quality Training and Development of Human Resources  is realized through:

Identifying training needs within the Organization and designing and implementing those need based training programmes to bring about  continuous upgradation of knowledge, skills and employee attitudes

The following brief highlights ECC's training methodology for the comprehensive development of its 7000-odd employees.
Training Plan

Companies succeed in today's free market economy, only because their employees perform to their fullest potential. Alive to this home truth, ECC draws up an annual training calendar, highlighting the training activities for the year. Inputs to formulate this training plan are taken from the performance review form, by interacting with ECC's Regional Offices and the higher echelons of the management on the present and future requirements of the construction industry. It also includes detailed discussions with the faculty.

ECC's training plan includes civil, mechanical, electrical, finance related and behavioural programmes, covering a wide cross-section of employees, as follows:

  • A week long Supervisory Development Programme and a 10 day Executive Development Programme are designed to provide an exposure to functional management and behavioural skills to the site based engineers.

  • Development of managerial staff is through intensive two-week long programmes providing exposure to holistic understanding of the business, Strategic Planning, Customer Relationship, Enhancing Shareholder Value, Financial Management. 

  • For middle management, there is an exclusive nine-day programme, designed in collaboration with Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad. 

  • For top level management, there is an arrangement with Management Development Institute, Gurgaon to conduct development programmes at Company's Management Development Center, Lonavla

Sustained effort in training has led to creation of highly skilled and motivated employees ready to take on higher roles and responsibilities in the company.

Employee involvement in Training 

Line executives and managers involve themselves as faculty for most of the Inhouse Programmes.   90% of inhouse programme are conducted by them.

As line mangers have better understanding of the nature of business and the unique problem associates with the company/industry, they are able to design and deliver effective training sessions keeping the company's and participant's need in mind.  

It has been experienced that the concept of "Learning Organisation" is getting effectively rooted in ECC through the above process.

Self Learning Packages

Employees increasingly feel, "Let me learn at my own choice of time, topic and pace!"

To make this happen, ECC promoted the concept of self-learning.  Training Desks ( Multi-media computers) are available in the Head Office, Regional Offices and factories of ECC. Various CD ROMs and CBTs of varied operational, behavioral, finance, quality related topics are made available to enable the employees learn at their own pace.

ECC strongly believes that to be in business, upgradation of employees' knowledge and skills is essential. Hence investment in Human Resources  is  one of the top priorities of the Management.