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HR in ECC Division
ECC recognises that people are the real source of competitive advantage.  It is through people that ECC delivers total customer satisfaction.   These values are reflected in our Human Resources practices which have earned national recognition several times.

ECC-ites go through a process of continuous learning, assisted by training programmes.  Apart from on-the-job training and technical training, over 100 programmes on general management and behavioural topics  are conducted each year.   Interactive CD-ROM based programmes have enabled employees learn at their pace.

Management Development Centre, Lonavala

ECC has always believed in experimentation with and implementation of new ideas.  HR practices such as collaborative performance appraisal, career & succession planning, team rewards have been institutionalised.

An extensive and rigorous recruitment process ensures quality induction.  L&T's Graduate Engineer Trainee recruitment process covers India's major engineering colleges and institutions.  Programmes, plant visits and comprehensive information-sharing facilitate induction.

ECC Division has an ongoing organization development programme, which is one of the longest sustaining OD effort in India.


Awards for our HR Practices

  • Asia Pacific HR Conclave Award for the company with “Most Innovative  HR practices”
  • National award for “Best HRD Practices” from Indian Society for Training and Development
  • National Award for Outstanding Work in Human Resource Management from National HRD Network
  • Award for Outstanding Human Resources Development from Confederation of  Engineering Industry
  • Integration of Information Technology with HR in ECC Division has been recognised by the National HRD Network.


HR  Policy

The basic principles of ECC's Human Resources policies include

  • Recruitment based solely on merit by following well-defined and systematic selection procedures without discrimination 

  • Sustain motivated and quality work force through appropriate and fair performance evaluation, reward and recognition systems 

  • Identify training needs within the Organisation and design and implement those need based training programmes resulting in continuous upgradation of knowledge, skills and attitudes of the employees 

  • Maintain a quality Human Resource Management System to meet the international standards as per ISO 9001. Plan, design, train, equip and motivate the department staff to meet this standard of expectation.

Realise your dreams with us

ECC's Work Culture 

Work culture emphasises:

· Freedom to experiment
· Continuous learning and training 
· Transparency
· Quality in all aspects of work
· Rewards based on performance and potential

If you feel like a seagull in the sky, If you feel you belong to the top and want to higher, you are ready for the ECC Challenge - India's largest construction organisation.  Join our team and realise your dreams with us.



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